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The best Nephrologist in Guatemala

Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Nephropathology.

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Doctor Aldo Rene Hurtarte Sandoval Kidneys

Dr Aldo René Hurtarte Sandoval

Nephrologist Dr. Aldo Hurtarte Sandoval

With extensive work experience in hemodialysis units in Spain, obtaining second place out of 32 clinics (Diaverum), in two years of work, in addition to having worked in the military hospital in Zaragoza. Performing his specialty of nephrology at the Reina Sofía Hospital in Córdoba, Spain

With experience in interventional nephrology at the Agostino Gemelli Hospital in Rome, Italy.

Also with two years of experience in France, working at the Center Hospitalier Intercommunal des Vallées de l’Ariége near Toulouse, and at the Center Hospitalier de Cannes Simone Veil, in Cannes.

The best Nephrologist in Guatemala, Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepéquez and Chimaltenango.

At Dr. Aldo Hurtarte's clinic we value effective communication. Therefore, we offer care in English, French and Spanish, providing a comfortable and understandable experience for patients of different linguistic backgrounds.

Dr. Aldo René Hurtarte Sandoval is a doctor specialized in Internal Medicine, Nephrology and Nephropathology. With solid academic training and experience in areas such as hemodialysis, kidney transplant and nephropathology, specialist in kidney diseases in Guatemala. He has worked in several hospitals, attending hospitalizations and emergencies, and has been an active member of associations and working groups related to nephrology. Description of a rare case report for the first time in the medical literature (PMID: 26680068)

DrAldoHurtarte has completed his training at prestigious institutions, including obtaining certificates in clinical nephropathology from Harvard University. His dedication to Internal Medicine and Nephrology is reflected in his commitment to comprehensive patient care, providing quality diagnosis, treatment and care in the field of kidney diseases and home hemodialysis.

Active member of associations and working groups related to nephrology, standing out as a reviewer for multiple foreign nephrology journals and author of multiple articles related to medicine.

Nephrologists in Guatemala, Antugua Guatemala, Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango






Experience and Services

Nephrologist in Guatemala City, Sacatepéquez (Antigua Guatemala) and Chimaltenango

Services for the study and control of the following diseases mainly:

- Clinical Nephrology, mainly glomerulopathies.

    (Diseases that directly attack the kidneys.)

- Kidney stones

- Renal insufficiency

- Cancer and Kidney.

- Hemodialysis providing adequate treatment of anemia, control of calcium and phosphorus metabolism.
- Home hemodialysis in the capital city, San Lucas, Antigua Guatemala, Chimaltenango.

- Kidney transplant in its pre-transplant studies and post-kidney transplant care.

- Placement of temporary and permanent catheters.
- Performing a kidney biopsy.
- Adequate control in chronic renal failure.
- Medical treatment of kidney stones.

- Investigation of hereditary diseases.
Heart-related diseases that affect the kidneys
(Cardiorenal syndrome).

- Diseases that affect the liver and kidneys
(hepato-renal syndrome).

- Diseases related to sodium and potassium problems.

- Kidney disease and diabetes

- Adequate control of diabetes mellitus without and with kidney disease.
- Adequate control of arterial hypertension.
- Internal Medicine, with care for hospitalizations and emergencies in several

Hospitals and Sanatoriums in the Capital City,Antigua Guatemala and Chimaltenango.

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